Metrics and Financial Reporting

What Are the Most Important Financial Metrics You Need To Understand?

By definition business metrics are quantifiable measures that a business may use to monitor any number of business processes for success or failure.

The Importance Of Financial and Non-Financial Metrics

Companies that deliver high-quality service, have good customer satisfaction, customer retention and low staff churn are probably using good metrics to measure their performance.

Gaining Superior Clarity Of Your Financial Position Via Effective Reporting Systems

All businesses, no matter their size need effective reporting systems.

People Before Profit

Without profit, a business is doomed to fail. As ‘commonsensical’ as that may seem, there is a common theme and ongoing debate in business communities about the profit being a ‘dirty’ word.

We help our clients identify quantifiable, measurable and more importantly achievable metrics to help in the management of their businesses. This is achieved through education, design and implementation of reports unique to their enterprise which also provide of insights to better understand their businesses.


Accurate financial reporting increases exponentially as businesses scale and grow. In the absence of sound financial reporting systems a business may experience profit and more importantly cash leakage. Without accurate reporting systems they may  fail to develop solutions to correct any such leakages. A business without sound reporting systems is akin to a rudderless ship and likely will end up on the rocks, particularly if it is experiencing significant and or rapid growth.


The net effect of sound reporting systems is to empower management with clarity as to the entities financial position while providing the data necessary to make decisions, asses risks and adapt the businesses strategy and budgets to changing conditions to ensure its future viability.


Our staff in concert with established metrics and financial reporting systems will assist with the analysis of the business to identify non-performing business units and either provide the strategies to improve them or make them redundant. This ensures a seamless path to growth, efficiency, profit and the ultimate success of the business.

Frank Alderton

Managing Partner, Business Advisory & Consulting

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