Business Process Automation

Creating The Business Flow Diagram

In creating a business process flow diagram it should be understood that this is effectively a blueprint of all the businesses activities and processes.

The Need for Digital Process Automation (DPA)

DPA is the process whereby businesses digitise and automate their processes to improve customer relations, to meet customer demands and to introduce new products to the market.

The Importance of Business Process Documentation

Many business owners have a tendency to ignore the need for correctly documenting all the steps to implementation of BPA. This is especially evident in small businesses with limited numbers of employees who are involved in multiple tasks.

The need for embracing technology has never been more real. It’s inevitable that AI, robotics and automation will form a significant chunk the digital asset portfolios within all businesses in the near future. Where there currently is a misconception is the thought process of most ‘late adapters’, particularly in small to medium business, is that the costs far outweigh the benefits.


We assist businesses business with initial adoption of automation via implementation of automation processes and systems at a pace that suits their needs and cash flow. Ultimately this will help them see and feel the ROI of digitalising portions of their business much faster and influence them to continue to embrace more and more.


We help clients identify part or parts of their value chain that can be replaced with automation with the simple goals of creating efficiency, reducing costs, increasing profits and ensuring accuracy of data. Implementation of BPA has application across all parts of the business value chain. 

Frank Alderton

Managing Partner, Business Advisory and Consulting

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