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Are Your Casual Employees Really Casual?

Whilst there has been much talk about an increase in the casualisation of the Australian Workforce the actual rate of casual employment has remained steady at 24%-25%, according to data from The Australian Bureau of Statistics.

What You Should Be Getting From Your Bookkeeping and Admin Team?

As per other articles on our website the advent of the GST Act in 2000 exponentially changed the role of the bookkeeper from basic data input for accounts payable and receivable and basic payroll to a much more complex one.

Superannuation, It’s More Complicated Than You Think. Are You Processing It Correctly?

The introduction of the SGC required employers to pay to employees selected superannuation fund an amount equal to 3% of assessable wages.

The Evolution Of Basic Compliance and Accounting Practices In Australia

The implementation of the GST in Australia in 2000 created a new and important environment for the bookkeeping industry.

Good account keeping is an integral part of any business as it creates the data bases from which cash, income and expenses are derived but also produces reports to assist in management making sound decisions based on accurate information.


We assist clients develop and implement efficient accounting procedures that allow for comprehensive management data and ease of meeting compliance requirements. Once we’ve helped our clients implement procedures to ensure clean and accurate data, the ability to implement detailed management and KPI reporting structures that allow deeper insights into the financial performance of the various business units. 


In addition good and accurate account keeping is essential to ensure that a business complies with the myriad of bot statutory and legal obligations that they are exposed to, such as GST, Payroll Tax and Occupational Health and Safety to mention a few.


The bookkeeper therefore becomes an integral part of the business and is responsible for overseeing the management of data which the company will rely on to meet both its obligations and to provide reports that assist in managing the business.

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