Alderton & Company was founded to provide first-class accounting and taxation services, alongside on helping organisations from many sectors adapt to change and evolve using best practice technology. With great staff who understand the ebb and flow of many different businesses and industries, we can assist in achieving your goals.

At Alderton & Company we provide our services to clients based in Melbourne & Perth, Australia and commenced partnerships in both South Africa & the United Kingdom in 2020.

Partner & Team Profiles

Frank Alderton

Managing Partner

Joining Alderton & Company in 2011 once he relocated to Perth from Melbourne, Frank became our biggest relationship manager and made it his duty to continually generate growth for both Alderton & Company and our clients. Providing CFO and advisory services, he has walked our clients through acquisitions, divestments, procedural improvements and liability strategies. Frank also heads up Alderton’s Automation division alongside Ace, and is enhancing our family-business roots through the acquisition of additional skills, experiences, and passion for creating growth for both us, and our clients.

Chris Alderton

Founding Partner
Chris, the Founding Partner of Alderton & Company commenced operations in 2008 with a passion for assisting small to medium businesses. After a lengthy career working across the board in large public companies to running small businesses, Chris has considerable knowledge of workplace practices, supporting his client base, and an expert in management issues such as salary, performance management & workplace culture.

Manesh (Manny) Bhudia


Relocating to Australia from the UK, Manny has been with Alderton since 2015. His diverse financial and information technology complements Alderton & Company’s direction and the modern challenges facing our clients. Manny also runs Alderton & Company’s Education Program, encompassing not only employee skills, but their knowledge of clients and current events. Manny believes that thinking systematically, clearly and thoroughly defines problems and objectives and gets to the final solution. This is the backbone of the CFO services he provides to both Alderton & Company and our clients. 

Lucy Oborn

Corporate Services Manager

Forming a part of Alderton & Company's management team, Lucy comes to us with an Executive background in both the mineral resources and not-for-profit sectors. Her 12year career in the global mineral resources sector includes experience in mergers & acquisitions, information systems and compliance. At Alderton & Company she heads up our mining division, ASX-Listings and Company Secretarial services; enhancing Alderton & Company's suite of skills beneficial to client growth.

Jason Paizes

Senior Automation Advisor

With over 20 years’ experience in solution requirement, automation & implementation and analysis Jason joins the Alderton team as a leading partner within our new Automation sector. Jason’s knowledge and insight into creating powerhouse workflows & automated assessments have allowed Alderton to engage in technology such as BPA & RPA and assist businesses in their initial implementation phase and growth.

Albert Scholten

Senior Tax Advisor

With a career spanning over 40 years in tax, finance, advisory and accounting, Albert is our superior Senior Tax Advisor. Albert leads Alderton & Company's tax department by assisting our clientele with their tax process control and risk management, tax planning, advisory and tax compliance. Albert excels in a mentoring capacity, being a key contributor to Alderton & Company's Education Program, run by Partner Manesh Bhudia.

Lesley Roberts


Lesley is the companies longest-serving employee and a bookkeeping expert when it comes to our supermarket clientele. Lesley works closely with these clients ensuring that their data entry, reconciliation and management, and correspondence with all suppliers is straightforward, accurate, and thorough. Lesley is persistently updating Alderton & Company's procedures for these clients so our service to the supermarkets is elevated and detailed.

Jasleen Kaur


Jasleen is a Graduate Accountant from Curtin University, who has a great deal of aptitude for attention to detail and dedication to our clients. An integral building block of our growing business, Jasleen has dedicated herself to learning all bookkeeping processes that contribute to accountants' auditing and forensic skills.

Di Alderton


Since the business began in 2008, Di has been an invaluable asset with Alderton & Company’s growth. Di works across a range of Alderton clientele within the bookkeeping department, and has an integral role in training Ace Alderbot to ensure his talents shine. This is no small feat, and of strategic benefit to our clients, our staff and our business.

Ace Alderbot

Automation Robot

The newest member of the Alderton team is Ace Alderbot, Alderton’s Automation robot. Ace’s vigorous schedule includes tedious & repetitive tasks at the fastest pace possible. One of Ace’s biggest responsibilities within the firm is taking on manual tasks for the other Alderton team members to focus on their professional talents & interests. Ace is looking to be Alderton’s most productive team member ever by working 24/7 and never taking a break.

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